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Cool Comfort Scheme

The team at Hello Flamingo we asked by the team at TM Lewin to design and manufacture a window for the launch of their new Cool Comfort shirt – which is made from an innovative moisture-wicking fabric, so the wearer can stay cool and composed – even when the heat is on.

Our in-house team individually threaded 1000 artificial ice cubes onto nylon thread which in turn were attached to chrome champagne buckets, these were then suspended from the ceiling to give the impression that the mannequin was being showered in ice. Champagne buckets on the floor had the ‘ice’ spilling out onto the floor of the window, this continued with buckets of ice in-store. The mannequin was flanked by clear acrylic panels with water splashes, and the window had a vinyl of a large splash.

The window looks great and was very well received by the client.